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Network in Style – Passion that connects

In its 4th edition, Chopard, tableeleven and newly boarded co-host Volkswagen R invited to a unique networking event set into the opening of the Hannover Fair 2019. Network in Style was created to connect leaders of the industries, politicians and artists who naturally would not get the chance to enjoy dinner together. A unique evening of exciting talks, culinary adventures, and surprising glimpses into the world of motor sports, whilst concentrating on this year’s Hannover Fair partnering country Sweden.

Focusing on guests from the Up-Northern Hemisphere countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, the evening event featured an international audience of top decision-makers from the realms of government, business, academia, entertainment, fine arts and sports.

Initiated by co-hosting partner Volkswagen R, Rallycross World Champions, Johan Kristoffersson and Petter Solberg truly made guest become part of the crowned team of PSRX Volkswagen Sweden and shared their insights and experience in racing across the globe.

Jost Capito, Managing Director Volkswagen R, comments:
“All of us in the room tonight may come from different fields of expertise but what we have in common is that we have passion for what we do. We all strive for victory every day and passion is our fuel.”

published at: 18.04.2019