T-Roc R: Fuel consumption, l/100 km: combined 7,7 - 7,5*; CO2 emissions, combined, in g/km: 176 - 171*; efficiency rating: D (Graphic representation of efficiency classes here.)
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Volkswagen R and the Transalpine Run 2019

Traverse the Alps on foot and at an athletic pace: The Transalpine Run is one of the most renowned and difficult trail runs in the world. Taking place from 31 August to 7 September, the 15th edition of the Transalpine Run represents a true challenge for 300 teams. Ready for the adventure: a Volkswagen R team!

A winding route of 273.8 km stands before the runners on the longer trail: the western route goes from Oberstdorf across the Alps to Sulden in South Tyrol. The runners have to tackle an ascent of 16,150 m and a descent of 14,407 m.

About the Transalpine Run:
For the 15th time, the Transalpine Run challenges ambitious runners to cross the Alps on foot. In the eight stages of the 2019 edition, it goes from Allgäu, through Austria and Switzerland, until finally reaching South Tyrol where the grand finale awaits the 300 teams on 7 September. Each team consists of two runners. The shorter version of the Transalpine Run, called Run2, covers the first two days of the event. Stretches of 39.4 and 27.7 km await the participants, who also set off from the start in pairs.

In 2005, the Transalpine Run celebrated its inaugural race. Since then the event has established itself as one of the most famous and challenging trail runs. Participants from over 40 countries provide an international atmosphere.

For more information: www.transalpine-run.com

published at: 09.09.2019